January Reflections 2011

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on my blog will know how much I love to craft. For the last 3 or 4 years I have made nearly all of the gifts that I've given. (If I could figure out how to make various electronic equipment, books, or dvds, then more of the men in my life would have been given homemade gifts.) I love giving things that are unique and that I invested some time and thought into.

I also love getting homemade gifts. Hannah made us some barbecue sauce that I can't wait to use. Melanie framed a page from an old hymnal with "All for Jesus" on it. I'm very excited about hanging it up in Judah's room. My brother Andrew recorded himself playing the same hymn on the guitar and singing it, another special gift that will be the first thing I add to Judah's goodnight mix when I make it.

I'm not sure I can post a list of everything I made this year, but here are a few things:
1. Baby Shoes for Judah
2. Sun Hat for Judah
3. Judah's nursery, parts 1 and 2.
4. Various Christmas Gifts.
5. A halloween costume
6. Babylegs
7. Pants
8. An elephant.
One of my favorite recent sewing projects was handsewn felt Jesse Tree ornaments, a project I couldn't quite finish before Christmas. I have yet to post photos of them, but am planning to do a few posts about them soon.

For a few further thoughts about sewing and why I do it, I'll direct you to this post, which more fully elaborates one reason I love it so much.

I'm excited about more crafting in 2011. My goal is to finish Judah's quilt by his 1st birthday. I got a serger from my parents for Christmas this year, and I'm hoping to learn how to use it and maybe start sewing with some knits. Of course there are always plenty of projects that catch my fancy as the years progresses. Just yesterday I found this list and it made me itch to make something.

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Christy said…
That post is almost the exact opposite of my latest post. :) I wish I was as crafty as you. (But not enough to actually do anything about it.)

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