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A birth story.

I'm really not sure I can keep up this blogging thing with 3 kids. Actually, as evidenced by the fact that an entire month has gone by with nothing, I'd say it's safe to say that I can't. But seeing as how both kids birth stories were recorded here, I figured I'd go ahead and post Ezra's.

As November was coming to a close, I was totally over being pregnant. I mean, actually begging God in prayer to please bring this baby already. Seriously. There may have been a few tears. Or more than a few. The weekend after Thanksgiving, I decided to go ahead and put up our Christmas tree, mostly in hopes that the baby would come and it would be done. We actually got up our tree in November, people. November. That has never happened.

That Saturday evening I started having quite a few contractions. I was really hoping they meant that it was baby time, even though Jeff had a full day of obligations the next day. He was teaching a new members class in the morning, then our regu…