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Birthday Party!

I am finally getting caught up with the photos on my camera. We had a small party for Judah's birthday with a few friends from church at our favorite park. Here are some highlights:

Rock Climbing.



More rock climbing.

Playing with friends!

Free LA: The Griffith Observatory

I know I've mentioned the Observatory before, but this is a great LA sight that is free, educational, and beautiful. It's located in Griffith Park, a huge park with tons of hiking trails, a golf course, the zoo, and various other fun things, which all probably deserve their own post.

The Observatory is a great destination all by itself, even if you don't have time for any of the other park activities.Firstly, you get great views both of the Hollywood Sign and downtown LA:

The inside has tons of cool astronomy exhibits about eclipses, tides, planets, and this very cool Tesla Coil, which they fire up every few minutes.
 Judah's favorite part is this huge pendulum that knocks over these little sticks to tell the time.
Although it's not open all the time, frequently they have huge telescope set up to look at something cool. When we went last summer, we got to see Venus.

Check it out!

A few things.

1. We have a tradition of all saying what we are thankful for before we pray for our dinner. A few days ago, Jeff told Judah he was thankful for his dinner. Judah's response: "Dad, you have to be thankful for something real. No one's thankful for dinnner."

I'm guessing he is not impressed with my cooking.

2. Although Naomi is nearly weaned, we still nurse about once a day, just before bed, although I can tell my supply is nearly gone. The word Naomi uses for "milk" sounds exactly like the word she uses for "moo." So when she wants to nurse, she will tug at my shirt and moo. As if I needed to feel more like a cow.

3. We leave in less than a week to head back to SC for my little brother's graduation. I'm so excited about seeing my family and hanging out at the beach I can hardly wait.

4. I have a ton of photos I need to take off the camera. Maybe when I do I can post a few here.

5. Last week I got to do another delivery (Yay!) and today…