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One Year

Almost exactly one year ago today, we left CHOP with our little baby, his belly nearly dissected by a bright red line and a small tube that marred his pale skin. In our bag we had to carry a vial of medication, syringes, a glucometer, a plastic red case containing his emergency glucagon injection, and a letter written by our doctors to take with us to the ER in an emergency.

I was ecstatic, yes, to be finally leaving, but also a little terrified. I wondered that day how many ER visits we would have, if we would be constantly fighting against dangerous lows, as we had been doing in the hospital, and if I would ever have to stab my sweet boy with the emergency glucagon.

Over this last year, we have had some doctor's visits, of course, but the only ER trip happened when his G-tube fell out and I couldn't replace it. His blood sugars have, for the most part, been very stable as his medication and treatment regimen has continued to work well for him. And the recent refill I needed …