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December 25

Today was an excellent Christmas. Honestly, I was a little worried as Sundays often end up being long, hard days. But since we always have afternoon church, we were able to have a leisurely morning eating breakfast (crepes!) and opening gifts and playing before heading off to church. I had actually planned ahead for dinner and started pot roast in the crock pot before we left and prepped someveggies and pie last night so I didn't have much to do today.

The kids had a great Christmas and it was so much fun watching them open gifts. Then we got to go to church and be reminded about why we celebrate this holiday.

December 24, part 2.


December 24, part 1.

I took so many photos today: We started our day off with indoor calisthenics (anyone else's kids acting crazy today?), then off to Malibu Creek State Park for a hike.

December 23

I had a pleasant surprise at work today when I learned our office was actually closed this afternoon. Normally I help precept the residents who are seeing patients on Friday afternoons; today I got to come home a little early, after doing some work in this hospital this morning. I took a little rest while Jeff helped the kids make cookies. We walked in the drizzle to use up some energy before dinner.

December 22

Work today, and then off to the playground. I've decided a cold climate in the winter with kids would be really tough. I'm thankful I live where I can easily take them almost any time to play outside.