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Two weeks

Two weeks ago, my sweet baby had a seizure while I was carrying him in the Ergo at the grocery store. I actually called 911, but by the time I had given my location, the seizure stopped. I quickly drove him to the ER myself.

He seemed more or less fine as soon as we got there, maybe a little more sleepy than normal. His blood sugar on arrival was 19. 19! I've never seen one so low. Of all the reasons why a kid could have a seizure, low blood sugar was not really on my radar. And yet, two weeks later we are still here, Ezra hooked up to a steady, stuttering drip of glucose into his vein. Apparently, he has a condition called Congenital Hyperinsulinemia.

There is so much to be thankful for. As I watched his face turn pale and quiver, I was terrified he had a brain tumor. Or severe infection. And he doesn't have any of those things. He has remained his normal, smiley, adorable self during this whole ordeal. (With the short exception of the times they have been trying to draw…