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I found myself incredibly grumpy the other day. I was, as usual, trying to get a few things done around the house during nap time but none of my children actually wanted to take naps. So we went outside to play and even now, looking at these sweet pictures of my beautiful children I am wondering why I could ever be grumpy about spending time with these beautiful faces. I don't like being grumpy. I especially don't like be grumpy with my kids. This is not a post where I have any answers - I am only reminded again and convicted by my general lack of compassion toward my family.

And today I'm thankful for the grace they give me, and that God is still working on me. I have a long way to go.


I posted a few months ago that I had been offered a new job. Last week I finally started, after several months of trying to get all the hospital's paperwork completed and approved by various committees there.

I've spent last week and this week basically getting oriented to the hospital, computer systems, and how the residency runs. I'm pretty sure I've absorbed by about a fourth of the necessary information, but hopefully it will be enough to tide me over when I really start as part of the normal mix this coming week.

My medical skills are feeling a little rusty, and I know the residents are going to keep me on my toes with questions. So far I have definitely enjoyed everything, although it still doesn't feel like Greenwood. I'm not sure if it ever will, really - I'm realizing Greenwood and the residency there was a special place. But I think I'm going to fit in and hopefully be able to do some good teaching.

Getting back into the swing of being a worki…


I'm not sure why it took us 7 months of living here before we went and watched a sunset at the beach. We'll definitely not wait another 7 to do it again.
What amazed me about the whole thing was that we got there about 20 minutes or so before sunset on a cold, windy day. Only a few other people were around.
I sort of figured it was too cold for most people to come out. But over the next 15 minutes, the beach filled as the sunset grew more and more beautiful. People driving down the PCH slowly pulled over and got out, cell phones and cameras ready to capture the beauty.
It was almost like they couldn't help themselves as God put on a wonderful display of his glory.