I posted a few months ago that I had been offered a new job. Last week I finally started, after several months of trying to get all the hospital's paperwork completed and approved by various committees there.

I've spent last week and this week basically getting oriented to the hospital, computer systems, and how the residency runs. I'm pretty sure I've absorbed by about a fourth of the necessary information, but hopefully it will be enough to tide me over when I really start as part of the normal mix this coming week.

My medical skills are feeling a little rusty, and I know the residents are going to keep me on my toes with questions. So far I have definitely enjoyed everything, although it still doesn't feel like Greenwood. I'm not sure if it ever will, really - I'm realizing Greenwood and the residency there was a special place. But I think I'm going to fit in and hopefully be able to do some good teaching.

Getting back into the swing of being a working Mama has been a little slow. At my last job, I had a little leeway as far as when I arrived, but here the residents and faculty have a brief meeting starting at 7:30  to talk about patients admitted overnight. I haven't yet made it there on time.

It's funny how similar things feel here. Patients are patients, no matter where you go. My southern accent still comes out more when I'm talking to elderly or very ill, even though here they are much more likely to be native speakers of a language other than English.

I'm thankful for this opportunity and look forward to getting more settled in!


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