I am an awesome mom.

I won a new prize in the awesome mom category today.

I have for some time been adding up points for all the ways that I am a good mom.
Cut his tiny hand on his fourth day of life when I was cutting off the hospital band: check (He still has the scar!)
Found rocks from our fireplace in his mouth: check
Set down a knife on the table within his reach: check
Turned around and found him holding said knife: double check
Found leaves in his mouth: check, check and check
Found him holding my razor, which I set down on the tub while he was in the bathroom: check

Today, though, I set a new record. I locked Judah in the car. With all the windows up.
See? Awesome mom, right here.

It was a total fluke thing where I was tossing the keys onto the front seat as I was getting out and about to get Judah out. As I closed my door, the keys fell off the seat and into the shutting door, which closed on the lock button on our remote. And just like that, in a split second, Judah was locked in.

Thankfully, we were in Seneca with my dad who actually has a patient who is a locksmith. He got there in about 10 or 15 minutes and was able to open the door fairly quickly. Poor Judah was drenched in sweat, probably mostly because of all the screaming he had been doing, but otherwise seemed fine. Thank you, Mr. Allgood Locksmith Man, for saving my baby.

Yeah. I'm awesome.

What have you all done that would put you in contention with me for the awesome mom prize?


Anonymous said…
See, with triplets, my points add up way faster that yours...HA!
Jen Clary :)
Rachel said…
well,i unbuckled caleb (when he was about 9 months old) and went to grab diaper bag in front seat. he reached over for something and fell flat on his face, on asphault. i win!
thankful he was fine. but i felt awful.
Kelly Shealy said…
I let Noah roll off a changing table, bounce off a marble windowsill, and land behind a recliner when he was a mere 3 months old - I was pretty sure I had killed him! I cried longer and harder than he did!!! I am sure I have done equally terrible things to Liam but the good news is that with the second one you stop keeping track :)
Annie said…
I put Ruby in her car seat to nap, and her sisters were being loud so I went to move her, but the handle wasn't engaged, and I dumped that poor sleeping baby out on the floor. This is after she'd had heart surgery too, so I felt doubly bad.

Sophie has crossed the street two different times (she's just 3).

Ruby found a dead roach on the floor (that I had seen earlier, but just put off picking up) and put it in her mouth (shudder)

One of my older girls fell out of the shopping cart one time.... I must have mostly blocked that memory, because I can't remember which one.

One of my older girls was picking up "all the pretty rocks" (broken glass) that still are half-buried in our yard from all the crazy partiers that used to live here.

My sister-in-law signed up my youngest nephew for preschool. She found out why he wasn't very excited when he asked, "Can I come home for Christmas?"

I'm sure I have a dozen more if I think about it more.
You are an AWESOME mom! I bet momma was more scared than Judah.I loved reading everyone else's comments so I will share in the fun.

I let a Kaleb fall down the stairs in our back yard on to the hard ground below...he now has a quarter-sized scar by his eye.

While I was in Seattle visiting my mom, I locked myself outside. The only problem was that my 2-month old son was inside. I was locked out for 2 hours and God only knows what Kaleb was up to. (Gasp)

Hmmm...I was walking Kaleb down the hill by our houses and the dogs saw something and their leashes tangled into the stroller as the took off and entirely flipped the stroller. Kaleb's forehead was two-inches from the cement as he was hanging upside down. (Gasp again).

Lastly, I put Kaleb in his carseat, but forgot to buckle him. I didn' realize it until he was waving at the policeman beside us. Dang! Cool mom award there!

I love momma stories! Thanks Aubrey and everyone else for sharing. Makes me feel much better about my blunders. :-)
Annie said…
Oh, here's another good one: I was on the Interstate heading home and I thought to myself, "Did I buckle Ruby in?" who was about 9 months old at the time. I glanced behind me and she was standing up in her car seat and hanging on to the headrest.
I had to call poison control a few weeks ago when my youngest got into the medication drawer. It was a little embarrassing to explain that I was a pediatrician. Although they did let me watch her at home after I said that.

I read a book when I first became a mom where the mom said she always somehow imagines a newspaper story along the lines of "Stupid Mom Let Toddler Run with Scissors: Now He Put his Eye Out." She talked about how really she just tries to avoid being stupid mom. I always tell my husband for me it will be "Stupid Mom......and she's a Pediatrician!"
Christy said…
1. I folded a stroller up. And Connor was still inside. And a bunch of people pointed at me and talked loud about me using mean words.

2. Nathan left Reagan unbuckled in her car seat on top (ON TOP) of his truck and she fell 6 feet and landed on her face.

3. Last week, my neighbor rang the doorbell and delivered me my 19-month-old. She found him wandering around the manhole in her yard.

Good times.
Aubrey said…
Wow. So many great comments. This makes me feel better. But I did remember a few more choice moments:
1. Judah has eaten AT LEAST one lady bug. Although given the number that are currently on our carpet upstairs, it's probably more.
2. We didn't strap judah into his swing for a while. Until one day he rolled out. Oops.
Sue Tell said…
Aubrey was gracious enough to not say that Gramma was in that car too and had just gotten out of the back seat right next to Judah and closed her door.

The rest of my visit I made sure that when we stopped, Judah was in my arms before I even opened my door.

It was pretty scary!
The Balls said…
man, i have soooo many! i can't even remember them all. here are a few:
locked 2 kids in car, at gas station - check
let baby play with toiletry bag (with razor inside); kid cuts finger - check
set infant carseat in car & failed to remember that sleeping baby not buckled underneath cozy blanket - check, check, check
kid falls off bed - too many checks
kid rides bike off deck - check

and yes, by kid #3, you only keep track of the good things you do during the day (;
The Balls said…
oh, i forgot about the 2 kids that i've shut doors on their chubby little fingers & the chubby little thighs i've pinched when buckling their carseats. now those times make you feel like a stellar mom!

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