Sewing fails.

Looking at craft and sewing blogs can be really intimidating. Everyone has all these pictures of these beautiful, pristine things and you think you could never be that good.

I don't want people to get that impression looking at what I sew. Sometimes I manage to make some nice looking things. Sometime I totally mess up. But the only way to get better at sewing is to actually, you know, sew. Here are some of the latest fails:
In addition to being so small that I couldn't get it over his head, do you notice what else is missing from this shirt? I promise there is a neck hole in there, somewhere. And here is attempt #2, made after a little pattern adjustment:

The neck on this one was too big, and it's long enough to be a dress. I wasn't sure how long to make it, and so I was just going to hem it after I did the rest. Oh well. I am excited to continue tweaking the pattern, though, because both of the shirts are actually made from thrifted materials. And this kind of shirt is much easier to get on over Judah's large noggin.

And finally:
Not exactly a total failure, since it is pretty cute in and of itself. I actually cut one hat out, realized it was too small, enlarged the pattern a bunch, cut and sewed a new one, and found it still too small. Sigh. I guess I'll hang on to this one as a gift, though.

So what I'm saying is that if I can sew, you can, too. I only started really sewing stuff while in medical school, so it's not too late for you.


The Balls said…
LOVE that you have these same problems!!! every time i sew, i think to myself, if i have to rip out ONE more seam...

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