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Drum roll, please.....

I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath, curious as to what flavor baby Dave and Hannah are going to have come October. We just found out today that....

they are having....


We are going to have a NIECE! We are very excited. I am dreaming already about various sewing projects that I can make for her. I will finally have good reason to make a doll!!

Should be fun.

Empty House

Our house is starting to look really sad. Yesterday, Jeff took down most of the pictures from all our walls and packed them. So now our walls look rather naked. And I packed up all my sewing stuff.
I guess that means we are really moving.

Dr. Aubrey Tell

I gave out my first free and unsolicited medical advice tonight. I was in a position to help a poor, clueless soul - my first chance to really wow someone with my medical knowledge as a full blown doctor and what was I wearing?

I was wearing my pijamas. In the grocery store. (And not cute, matching pijamas that could double as an outfit, either, just this pair of blue flowery boxers and a too-large gray tee that I will actually sleep in tonight.) And it was 11:00pm. (Hence the pijamas.) And my hair was messily pulled back into a ponytail. For some odd reason, the guy didn't even laugh when I told him I'd just graduated from medical school(I probably would have.) He just thanked me, and appeared to take my advice when I helped him pick out an antihistamine, and told him he should also take some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation of his swollen forehead and eye.

I guess I can't charge someone for a consult if I give it wearing pijamas.


We've started packing up in earnest tonight. What I've learned so far:

I'm allergic to packing.


All night, I've been sneezing, snifling, and can't really breath through my nose.

I hate allergies.


We are now back at home from our great time at the beach! We are also both recovering from a small bout of the stomach flu that made its way through our beach house. It is amazing how one small virus can really wreak havoc on a person. In spite of various GI issues, though, we really had a wonderful time with our families. There was swimming, eating, sunning, eating, bocce ball, eating, kite flying, and more eating. It was a great week. And the nephews were both just adorable!

Aubrey Tell, M.D.

Highlights from graduation:

The Doctors Rampey, Tell, and Rampey.

At the beach

I successfully graduated, and promptly went to the beach for some fun time with my entire family. We're having a great time, but there is limited internet. So for the next few days there will be little time for blogging, since we're going to spending our time soaking up the rays and playing pool. And doing lots of looking at our two nephews. And congratulating my little brother who just got engaged.

So it will be pretty busy.

More to come later.

Too Early

It's 6:30 am and I am getting dressed for graduation. I bet you can figure out my opinion on the fast that we have to arrive by 7:00 am.

The Prom

Tonight was the MUSC version of the Senior Prom. Here, we call it the "Senior Ball" since I guess that sounds more adult. But I kind of felt a little like I was in high school today since two of my med school friends and I went shoe shopping before the big dance, and we were all giving each other advice about what looked nice and how to do our hair.

As I was getting ready to go, though, I briefly wished I was a little more girly, since I know NOTHING about doing my hair, and only a little about doing my makeup. I was wishing I could call someone (my mommy?) to come and help me with the hair. But a last minute trip to Eckerd's saved the day since I got some bobby pins and a curling iron. (I figure you can never go wrong with those.)

And since this seems to be the season of accomplishinglife goals, the dress that I wore was actually one that I MADE. Yes, that's right. It was like the home-ec class I never had. I sewed my own dress. And I must say, I'm pretty proud of…


I used to be a non-exerciser. Well, I played soccer in high school and did intramural stuff, so I guess I was an occasional exerciser. Once I got to medical school, though, I realized that since I would be telling my patients to exercise and lose weight, maybe I should listen to my own future advice. And since I'm graduating in 2 days, I feel I can give them blogging world some advice.

I'm a big fan of exercising, for many different reasons. The biggest one is that it means I don't have to feel that bad when I eat dessert occasionally (or most days). I also just FEEL better when I exercise, and sleep better. Losing around 20 pounds didn't hurt either.

Here are different things that you can do to start exercising:
1. Running - This is how I started. The nice thing about running is that you can do it anywhere and all you need is a decent pair of shoes. Although I prefer to run outside, people tell me you can even run INDOORS. Studies have shown that even by walking for 30 o…

How I know I'm about to graduate.

1. So I stayed up late last night (as in past 2 am, an hour I haven't seen since college, or when I was on night float during labor and delivery) but was so excited and had enough to do today that I naturally woke up at 8:15. Maybe I'll be able to survive on less sleep next year than I realize.

2. I had to have my picture taken today, a picture which will reside FOREVER in the Dean's office here at MUSC, and so I put on makeup (which I haven't worn in weeks) including mascara (which I haven't worn in months) AND eyeliner (Which I haven't worn in YEARS). It was a big day.

3. Fun beach party with all my classmates at Folly Beach!

Shirts and boxes

After a relaxing Sunday afternoon in which we went to the beach, I got the crafty bug again. Instead of cleaning and working on packing, I decided to pull out the fabrics and make a big mess. But, since it's a crafty mess, it's the best kind....

Here are the fruits of my labor:
For future baby showers, since our church is exceedingly fertile.

Two fabric boxes, thanks to this tutorial, which I'll use in my sewing room in our new house. (Yes, I'm going to have at least a partially dedicated sewing room that will probably also double as an office.)

And the cutest shirt I have made yet, which I might just have to keep it is so cute. (Not that we are pregnant or about to be, but it's so cute I almost can't stand it.) I've been seeing onesies like this floating around the web on a crafty site or two for a while, and decided to give it go.

Here's the back, maybe my favorite part:
The hedgehog is too cute. Although I wish I knew how to keep the onesie knit from stret…

Our Friday Night

Here is how we spent our friday night:

I was packing.... (Notice the empty bookshelves)

....And Jeff was making tortillas. All I have to say is, "YUMMMM...." We used the tortillas to make quesadillas. It was probably the tastiest quesadilla I have ever eaten. Even better than a John Coctostan. Mine had mushrooms, onions, spinach, and of course, cheese.

We then used the tortillas again to make breakfast burritos on Saturday for lunch. It was a good weekend for eating.

Yes, ladies, he's taken. And I won't give him up without a fight.

God's Watch

On Sunday, our church had a special church picnic and service at this old church up in the town of McClellanville. We had a great time of eating, worship, communion, singing, and fellowship. As we still wait for God's guidance about a job for Jeff, we were reminded again of how different God's timing is from ours. One of our elders preached on Jesus' healing of Lazarus. Although I've heard this story many other times, I was struck this time by Jesus reaction to the new that his dear friend, Lazarus, was ill. He WAITED. For TWO more days. He let Lazarus DIE. And then he came. He wasn't being cruel here, but he wanted to prove to us that when he says, "I am the Resurrection," he means it in a very real, physical way. I think I feel like Martha when she said to Jesus, "Lord, if you had been here, he wouldn't have died." I don't understand why it has been so hard for Jeff to find a job, and why he still doesn't have one even though we ar…

Gets tons of free moving boxes.

Since we are moving in a few short weeks, we are currently in need of moving boxes. On Monday, quite by accident, I discovered the best way to get them.

1. Wait until trash day.
2. Get in your car, or better yet, get in your truck so you have more room.
3. Drive slowly around your city.
4. When you see a trash can, drive even slower to make sure there are no boxes around.
5. Try not to get in any wrecks as you quickly pull over when you see boxes.
6. On your way home, drive by the hospital and notice that they have a HUGE dumpster FULL of boxes, with boxes scattered all around it on the ground.
7. Get as many boxes as will fit into the back of your truck.
8. After your truck is heavy laden, briefly wonder if these boxes from the hospital could possibly contain the kind of germs you don't want to touch, let alone move to another city.
9. Decide that this dumpster is just for boxes like paper boxes, and so therefore of course can't contain germs. Feel immediately better.
10. Repeat next w…

New Friends

I just made a new friend on the internet. His name is Facebook. He is making me obsessively check my email for signs of new activity. I think this might become a problem.

Let the packing begin

Yesterday I started packing. Since then I have learned one important thing:

We have a freakin' lot of books. So far, we're up to 8 boxes, and probably only about halfway done. And we haven't really even bought very many books since we've been married, seeing as how our budget doesn't include a book allowance. Just think if we'd been buying books these last four years instead of using the library....

Back from the Beach!!

Beach week was great! I felt like I was preparing myself for the real beach week we have coming in a few weeks, when all our families will be here for graduation.

Some highlights: Lots and lots of good food, including hummus and homemade salsa, having my first fall on my bike (I got a nice raspberry to prove it), making fish taco pizza (which tastes better than it sounds), a little outlet shopping (cute skirt for $12 - need I say more?), getting a little tan, eating breakfast on our porch which looked out over the ocean, and lots of time with good friends!


After my good experience making the Challah! last week, I decided to get back in the game and try another breadlike product. Also being inspired by tales from Aubrey's recent trip to the Mexican border, tonight I decided to make Tortillas! They are really not that difficult, you don't even need to let the dough rise, since there is no yeast involved. Although the cookbook does recommend letting the dough "rest" for a while. Being kneaded must really wear that dough out. Poor dough. Although the kneading is probably a cake walk compared to being smushed with a rolling pin and placed on a hot frying pan.

When my wife returns tomorrow with the camera I will provide photographic proof that I did in fact make Tortillas! And as it turns out, the hardest part of the Tortilla! making process is making them round. Mine are not so round. Most of them are squarish, some more quadrilateralish. But, at least you will know that they are homemade.

And I couldn't help …

Places we walk to.

One of the things that we are going to miss about living the urbanite lifestyle in downtown Charleston is the ability to walk everywhere. In Greenwood we will be living in the 'burbs, a neighboorhood just outside city limits, which will have its own benefits (being able to go outside after dark without fear, not being 20 feet from a six lane highway, etc.), but convenience will not be among them. Currently we walk all kinds of places.

- I walk to work everyday, Aubrey always walked or rode her bike to the hospital.
- We walk to church sometimes.
- The doctor's office.
- The gym. One day I walked to the doctor, then to work, then the gym, then home, all in one glorious round trip.
- Parks. Lots of them. We walk to Hampton Park, Colonial lake, the dog park, Brittlebank Park, Marion Square, the Battery Park, and if we're really ambitious we could walk to Waterfront Park, although we've never actually walked to that one.
- Two of our favorite restaurants, Five Loaves,…