Shirts and boxes

After a relaxing Sunday afternoon in which we went to the beach, I got the crafty bug again. Instead of cleaning and working on packing, I decided to pull out the fabrics and make a big mess. But, since it's a crafty mess, it's the best kind....

Here are the fruits of my labor:
For future baby showers, since our church is exceedingly fertile.

Two fabric boxes, thanks to this tutorial, which I'll use in my sewing room in our new house. (Yes, I'm going to have at least a partially dedicated sewing room that will probably also double as an office.)

And the cutest shirt I have made yet, which I might just have to keep it is so cute. (Not that we are pregnant or about to be, but it's so cute I almost can't stand it.) I've been seeing onesies like this floating around the web on a crafty site or two for a while, and decided to give it go.

Here's the back, maybe my favorite part:
The hedgehog is too cute. Although I wish I knew how to keep the onesie knit from stretching....


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