Places we walk to.

One of the things that we are going to miss about living the urbanite lifestyle in downtown Charleston is the ability to walk everywhere. In Greenwood we will be living in the 'burbs, a neighboorhood just outside city limits, which will have its own benefits (being able to go outside after dark without fear, not being 20 feet from a six lane highway, etc.), but convenience will not be among them. Currently we walk all kinds of places.

- I walk to work everyday, Aubrey always walked or rode her bike to the hospital.
- We walk to church sometimes.
- The doctor's office.
- The gym. One day I walked to the doctor, then to work, then the gym, then home, all in one glorious round trip.
- Parks. Lots of them. We walk to Hampton Park, Colonial lake, the dog park, Brittlebank Park, Marion Square, the Battery Park, and if we're really ambitious we could walk to Waterfront Park, although we've never actually walked to that one.
- Two of our favorite restaurants, Five Loaves, and Hominy Grill are within easy walking distance.
- Coffee shops. Rutledge Coffee and Cream, and Charleston Java, both easily walkable.
- Ice Cream. We walked to Marble Slab.
- The farmers market.
- I walked to watch the Cooper River Bridge Run, one of the biggest 10k's in the world.
- We walk to watch our minor league baseball team, the Charleston Riverdogs.

And those are just the walks when we actually have a destination in mind. Not to mention the fact that we can walk just for walking sake and in minutes be on some of the prettiest and most historic streets in the Southeast. Yup, Charleston is made for walking!


Melanie said…
What I miss about walking in Charleston in two words: CHURCH STREET.
Mark said…
The Homey Grill sounds fly.
Emilie said…
our favorite thing about living downtown also! On Friday Little Joe and I made this round trip: church, market, Harris Teeter, Drycleaners, home. . . .

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