Dr. Aubrey Tell

I gave out my first free and unsolicited medical advice tonight. I was in a position to help a poor, clueless soul - my first chance to really wow someone with my medical knowledge as a full blown doctor and what was I wearing?

I was wearing my pijamas. In the grocery store. (And not cute, matching pijamas that could double as an outfit, either, just this pair of blue flowery boxers and a too-large gray tee that I will actually sleep in tonight.) And it was 11:00pm. (Hence the pijamas.) And my hair was messily pulled back into a ponytail. For some odd reason, the guy didn't even laugh when I told him I'd just graduated from medical school(I probably would have.) He just thanked me, and appeared to take my advice when I helped him pick out an antihistamine, and told him he should also take some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation of his swollen forehead and eye.

I guess I can't charge someone for a consult if I give it wearing pijamas.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on your graduation, Dr. Tell! What an accomplishment.

I'm sure the guy in the store was appreciative of your advice -- and that it was free! : )


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