God's Watch

On Sunday, our church had a special church picnic and service at this old church up in the town of McClellanville. We had a great time of eating, worship, communion, singing, and fellowship. As we still wait for God's guidance about a job for Jeff, we were reminded again of how different God's timing is from ours. One of our elders preached on Jesus' healing of Lazarus. Although I've heard this story many other times, I was struck this time by Jesus reaction to the new that his dear friend, Lazarus, was ill. He WAITED. For TWO more days. He let Lazarus DIE. And then he came. He wasn't being cruel here, but he wanted to prove to us that when he says, "I am the Resurrection," he means it in a very real, physical way. I think I feel like Martha when she said to Jesus, "Lord, if you had been here, he wouldn't have died." I don't understand why it has been so hard for Jeff to find a job, and why he still doesn't have one even though we are moving in a few weeks. But this week I was reminded that Jesus often uses his own timing to do things that are more that we can ask or imagine. So I am praying that we will not lose hope, and know that God's will is good, pleasing, and even perfect. Even when it doesn't seem like it to us.


Emilie said…
maybe Jeff should open a bakery. . . maybe a christian coffeehouse/bakery.

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