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The Whole Story.

Obviously, we are very excited and thankful about our new addition.

There is a lot more to this story though, and a lot of things I haven't been able to write about here.

Back in the fall we decided that instead of pursuing another IUI, we really felt called to adopt. We had been doing lots of reading and thinking about adoption and were excited to move forward. Because it is so easy to know exactly who we are and where we live from reading our blog, we didn't want to write about the adoption on the blog until everything was finalized which is why this is the first time we've written about it here.  We attended our first informational meeting with Bethany Christian Services in November and then had our training with them in early December.

Then we found out we were pregnant. Surprise! Then we found out the pregnancy was ectopic.

The ectopic pregnancy didn't change our feelings about adoption so we proceeded with our home study, finally getting approved and going on t…


Or yet another reason why I've been slack blogging over the 10 weeks or so....

Tasty summer recipes

I felt like making a good breakfast today to celebrate everyone being back home. I spied this recipe for buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake on pinterest a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed making it.

Anyway, I did make a few changes. First of all, I felt a little guilty making cake for breakfast. I love cake and all, but to make it a wee bit healthier I swapped in 1/2 c. of whole wheat flour. This gave it a nice crunch in addition to adding some extra fiber. I got some fresh local peaches this week that were getting soft, so I added about a cup of peaches and decreased the amount of blueberries slightly. I also swapped in orange zest for lemon since I didn't have any lemons here.

I loved this - I would say this is very similar to a muffin in consistency. The sugar sprinkle on top gives it a nice crunchy top.

Dinner tonight was nice, too. I had some pizza makings in the fridge (leftover from my girl's night). I made Jeff his usual favorite - pepperoni. I recently spied (also on…


Both of my boys finally made it back home yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure Judah missed me at all - he still wanted his Nana to get him out of the car when we got home. Jeff got home a little later from the conference he went to.

My house, which had been clean all week, rapidly deteriorated with toys, train parts, and rice on the floor. I have never been so happy to have a messy house. Today, I made a delicious breakfast and savored the toddler giggles I overheard as Jeff played tickle monster with Judah.

It is good to have things back to normal.

Part 2

Single Lady

Since I was working this week and Jeff had to go to a conference, Judah is staying with my parents.

It's been a very strange few days. Very quiet. Last night, I enjoyed having a few girls over for a girl's grill night at our house. We grilled pizza and then I grilled fruit to serve with ice cream for dessert. It was fantastic.

I'm debating between getting take out tonight or just eating cereal. Maybe I'll rent a movie....

I miss both of my boys, but I have loved how clean the house is staying with no one at home to mess anything up. I'm looking forward to having them all back home this weekend.

An interview.

Here's my sweet boy talking.

Big Noggin

I'm sure I have mentioned before that Judah has a somewhat larger-than-average noggin.

Ok, ok. When I say "larger than average" I really mean "at the 99th percentile for kids his age," but whatever. You get the picture.

Since he just got a cool new tricycle (Thanks, Mom!) he also needed a bike helmet. (Although I am a fairly laid back mom about almost everything, I have seen too much to allow any of my kids to ride a bike without a helmet. ) I picked one up at walmart. As I was standing on the bike helmet aisle, I perused the options before settling on one that was labeled for kids 5 and over. I knew that the two year old helmets wouldn't fit him, but surely the five year old helmet would be fine. I brought it home and.... it barely fits. It might even be slightly too small, but I can get it on his head, so I decided that's what he'll use for now.

I accidentally left said helmet at my parent's house last weekend. He wanted to ride his trike yest…


I feel like we waited for Judah to start talking for kind of a long time. Now, it feels like he's trying to make up for all the lost time.

For example, we drove up to my parent's house for a quick overnight trip on Friday. As we were leaving town, I stopped by Sonic and got a diet coke for the road. I decided that Judah would love a small cup of ice. He did, in fact, love the ice, but the 25 minutes he was eating the ice were the only time during the entire hour and 20 minute car ride he wasn't talking.

Here is a summary of the monologue emanating from my backseat:
"Nana. Papa. Nana house. Papa house. Nana, hold you. Nana, hold you. Nana, hold you. Papa house. Papa boat. Tractor. Nana. Papa. Nana. Papa. Nana house. Papa house...."

You get the picture.
My kid loves to talk.
My kid loves his grandparents.

A few things

1. My current favorite snack is ranch dip made with nonfat Greek yogurt and a packet of ranch seasoning with either veggies or lime tortilla chips. I wish I could say I liked it better with the veggies, but the lime chips are super delicious. Sadly I ate all of the lime chips yesterday so today I could only eat it with veggies.

2. I am very, very happy to be back in good tomato season. Our tomatoes are still green, but since we know lots of people with bigger gardens we have been given some delicious, garden fresh tomatoes. And good tomatoes mean that I can again eat my favorite ABC (DE) LT sandwiches.

3. My current favorite words that Judah says are: 1. "Yawg" = log. He has a log loader on the train set he got for his birthday and loves to talk about picking them up. 2. "Bofe" = both. He says this whenever he is holding/looking at more than one similar item or if he wants Jeff to rub both of his shoulders. 3. "Wabbit" = rabbit. He's just so careful i…


I'm finding it rather difficult to keep up the ole' blog here lately. And I kind of miss it. Back in high school and college, see, I spent lots of time writing. I was editor of the high school literary magazine and worked as an assistant editor on the college one. I actually did an entire independent study during college of nothing but creative writing.

But between work, motherhood, and everything else going on here, I'm having a hard time. Right now, though, I think the biggest problem is that when you have a husband in the midst of a job search, there is not very much you can write about. There have been various interviews and visits and phone calls, all of which we are thankful for and excited about. But of course until we actually have a job offer that is signed on the dotted line, I don't really feel that I should do much talking about any of it.

That said, we have been much more encouraged lately by all the things that have gone on. Over the winter no one was rea…

The flop

Judah these days....