I'm finding it rather difficult to keep up the ole' blog here lately. And I kind of miss it. Back in high school and college, see, I spent lots of time writing. I was editor of the high school literary magazine and worked as an assistant editor on the college one. I actually did an entire independent study during college of nothing but creative writing.

But between work, motherhood, and everything else going on here, I'm having a hard time. Right now, though, I think the biggest problem is that when you have a husband in the midst of a job search, there is not very much you can write about. There have been various interviews and visits and phone calls, all of which we are thankful for and excited about. But of course until we actually have a job offer that is signed on the dotted line, I don't really feel that I should do much talking about any of it.

That said, we have been much more encouraged lately by all the things that have gone on. Over the winter no one was really looking anymore and there was a several month period where no new pastoral jobs were listed at all. Thankfully, that period is behind us and Jeff applied to 8 more churches just yesterday. I am cautiously hopeful that we will know something in the next few months.

All that said, looking for a pastoral job is an .... interesting... experience. Similar to other job searches and yet also very, very different.

Maybe once we have a job I can actually write about some of it.


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