Tasty summer recipes

I felt like making a good breakfast today to celebrate everyone being back home. I spied this recipe for buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake on pinterest a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed making it.

Anyway, I did make a few changes. First of all, I felt a little guilty making cake for breakfast. I love cake and all, but to make it a wee bit healthier I swapped in 1/2 c. of whole wheat flour. This gave it a nice crunch in addition to adding some extra fiber. I got some fresh local peaches this week that were getting soft, so I added about a cup of peaches and decreased the amount of blueberries slightly. I also swapped in orange zest for lemon since I didn't have any lemons here.

I loved this - I would say this is very similar to a muffin in consistency. The sugar sprinkle on top gives it a nice crunchy top.

Dinner tonight was nice, too. I had some pizza makings in the fridge (leftover from my girl's night). I made Jeff his usual favorite - pepperoni. I recently spied (also on pinterest) several people making a "pizza" with a big portabello mushroom as a base. I'm sure anyone who has done the whole low-carb thing has probably done this before, but it had never really occurred to me to pile my favorite pizza toppings (in this case fresh homemade pesto, sliced tomatoes, and caramelized onions) on top of a big mushroom cap. It was fantastic. I'm happy that I still have a second one to make leftovers later this week.

I also made some zucchini fritters which were pretty good, but I'm not sure I've found the best recipe yet for these. Anyone out there with a favorite recipe for zucchini fritters?


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