A few things

1. My current favorite snack is ranch dip made with nonfat Greek yogurt and a packet of ranch seasoning with either veggies or lime tortilla chips. I wish I could say I liked it better with the veggies, but the lime chips are super delicious. Sadly I ate all of the lime chips yesterday so today I could only eat it with veggies.

2. I am very, very happy to be back in good tomato season. Our tomatoes are still green, but since we know lots of people with bigger gardens we have been given some delicious, garden fresh tomatoes. And good tomatoes mean that I can again eat my favorite ABC (DE) LT sandwiches.

3. My current favorite words that Judah says are: 1. "Yawg" = log. He has a log loader on the train set he got for his birthday and loves to talk about picking them up. 2. "Bofe" = both. He says this whenever he is holding/looking at more than one similar item or if he wants Jeff to rub both of his shoulders. 3. "Wabbit" = rabbit. He's just so careful in his pronunciation of this that I find it adorable.

4. This week I have been working an extra week covering the resident service. It's a rather pleasant change. I enjoy working with the residents, PLUS I don't have to do much of the actual work of patient care. They do all the dictations, write all the prescriptions, and write all of the orders. I just have to check over everything. I'm doing it again next month, although I suspect it will be a different experience when I am working with July interns as opposed to June interns since the June interns are basically upper level residents already.

5. We have had several marvelously cool days this week. I'm not sure where this weather is coming from, but I hope it stays.


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