I feel like we waited for Judah to start talking for kind of a long time. Now, it feels like he's trying to make up for all the lost time.

For example, we drove up to my parent's house for a quick overnight trip on Friday. As we were leaving town, I stopped by Sonic and got a diet coke for the road. I decided that Judah would love a small cup of ice. He did, in fact, love the ice, but the 25 minutes he was eating the ice were the only time during the entire hour and 20 minute car ride he wasn't talking.

Here is a summary of the monologue emanating from my backseat:
"Nana. Papa. Nana house. Papa house. Nana, hold you. Nana, hold you. Nana, hold you. Papa house. Papa boat. Tractor. Nana. Papa. Nana. Papa. Nana house. Papa house...."

You get the picture.
My kid loves to talk.
My kid loves his grandparents.


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