Big Noggin

I'm sure I have mentioned before that Judah has a somewhat larger-than-average noggin.

Ok, ok. When I say "larger than average" I really mean "at the 99th percentile for kids his age," but whatever. You get the picture.

Since he just got a cool new tricycle (Thanks, Mom!) he also needed a bike helmet. (Although I am a fairly laid back mom about almost everything, I have seen too much to allow any of my kids to ride a bike without a helmet. ) I picked one up at walmart. As I was standing on the bike helmet aisle, I perused the options before settling on one that was labeled for kids 5 and over. I knew that the two year old helmets wouldn't fit him, but surely the five year old helmet would be fine. I brought it home and.... it barely fits. It might even be slightly too small, but I can get it on his head, so I decided that's what he'll use for now.

I accidentally left said helmet at my parent's house last weekend. He wanted to ride his trike yesterday, so I figured my helmet would be better than nothing. Although I did have to adjust it down, smaller than what I use (as I also have a rather large noggin), the large, adult-sized helmet fits my two-year-old. And fits him well.

Big noggin, indeed.


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