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Baby Tell.

A few weeks ago, we had our big anatomy scan of our baby. As far as I could see, everything looked good. We again opted not to find out the gender. When I had my OB appointment the next day, I was a little surprised to discover that they had actually seen something abnormal - a choroid plexus cyst. I knew that without other abnormalities, these cysts were probably nothing, but a quick google search (yes, sometimes doctors do them, too) told me that they are a "soft marker" for trisomy 18.
In my previous pregnancies, I have opted not to do the blood test that screens for certain birth defects since my insurance wouldn't cover them. California has a much more developed prenatal screening program, though, and my OB was really pushing me to have it done, so this time I actually went ahead and did it. I'm thankful, since at the same time I found out about the cysts, I also found out that my screening test was negative for Trisomy 18,  which was very reassuring. Even thou…