December 9

We had our youth group over for dinner today. What a delight they are.

December 8

Fridays are long for me. I was worried I wouldn't get any good photos so I snapped a few at breakfast.

December 7

It has been crazy windy here (as evidenced by the numerous fires that are raging). So windy, in fact, that we have been unable to even play outside in the evening it was so miserable. Thankfully (especially for the firefighters!) the wind was less today and we got rid of some much needed energy outside. Lots of people have been concerned about us. Thankfully all the fires are far enough away that we haven't been much affected. School was cancelled today due to fire concerns, but they will be back at school tomorrow.

December 6

I have no words for today, really, but it was nice.

December 5

It's been super windy here for the last couple of days; so much so that we now have several wild fires burning around us. Thankfully we seem to be safe for now, but please pray these winds die down so the fires can be controlled more easily.

Before moving to California I had never lived anywhere where I was ever limited in what I do by the wind. But this time of year, when we get the Santa Ana winds, just going outside can be miserable. Today was one of those days.

December 4

I got a late start with taking photos today and then it was to windy to go outside after school so I was worried I wouldn't get anything good. The funny thing, though, is that when I set out to get at least one good picture per day, I end up with several.