After my good experience making the Challah! last week, I decided to get back in the game and try another breadlike product. Also being inspired by tales from Aubrey's recent trip to the Mexican border, tonight I decided to make Tortillas! They are really not that difficult, you don't even need to let the dough rise, since there is no yeast involved. Although the cookbook does recommend letting the dough "rest" for a while. Being kneaded must really wear that dough out. Poor dough. Although the kneading is probably a cake walk compared to being smushed with a rolling pin and placed on a hot frying pan.

When my wife returns tomorrow with the camera I will provide photographic proof that I did in fact make Tortillas! And as it turns out, the hardest part of the Tortilla! making process is making them round. Mine are not so round. Most of them are squarish, some more quadrilateralish. But, at least you will know that they are homemade.

And I couldn't help myself. They looked and smelled so good that I ate the first one while the second one was cooking. It was delicious, if I don't say so myself. It reminded me of when I was a poor college student and we use to take midnight trips to Adalberto's, the local 24 hour Mexican joint near college in San Diego, and I wouldn't have much money, so I'd just get a tortilla for 25 cents. But I didn't mind because they made awesome tortillas that were good enough to eat by themselves.



Keeeeeeeith said…
Adals. I'm hungry. California burrito sin salsa por favor (please excuse the rats, they work here)
Emilie said…
great minds think alike. I made tortillas this week too. It is very hard to make them round. . . . according to my Mexican momma that takes years of practice.
emily.faulkner said…
isn't the taste difference so huge between a store bought tortilla and a homemade one? Yummo.
angie said…
Now all you need is a tortilla press. That helps them to be round.

Sounds yummy!!
Aubrey said…
We would have added photos, but after I got home, all we did was eat the rest. I guess we could have taken pictures of our satisfied faces after eating them, but we didn't.

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