Answered prayers.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you have a some idea how we've been learning a lesson in patience lately. From a long time job hunt to pregnancy loss and infertility, I have been getting a (to be honest highly needed) lesson in trusting the sovereignty of God AND his timing.

So when we decided to move to California, I started praying for job. While I knew that finding a job wouldn't be hard (primary care doctors are always in demand) I suspected that finding a job that I would be excited about would take time. Just about a month ago I sent my CV around to a few people I had some connections with. I also got on the internet and looked up a local residency to see if they needed help.

I went on an interview for a position at an urgent care - not something I was excited about, but something that would be easy to do part time to bring in a little money. They offered me the job. Then the residency director emailed me back, and, to my great surprise, said that they might have something there. I met with her and although they didn't have any listed openings, they had lots of needs to fill. She hoped we'd be able to work something out. I had a second interview there, with some of the other faculty, and before I left that day, I had a job offer.

For the most ideal job I could imagine: one that included OB, inpatient work, outpatient work, and teaching residents. If I could have written down all the things I wanted in a job, in my heart of hearts, things that I prayed for and hoped for, this would be the job. I have so grown accustomed to having to wait on God that I was surprised that this job offer fell into my lap without even having to really try. Why am I so surprised? We worship a good God, one who gives good gifts to his children. While I believe that even the trials that come our way are sent because of God's love for us, it is nice to be given what feels like an unexpected blessing. Just like our lemon tree.


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