Yet another post without photos. And you know that the Halloween pics are cute. So here you go. 

I had two very adorable kids around here on Halloween - one super hero, and one very cute peacock. I love how both of their costumes turned out - I was especially proud of the cute peacock tutu Naomi was wearing. Naomi didn't mind her costume - mostly because it didn't impede her love for crawling. I had been meaning to make a cape for Judah for a while, so I finally got some motivation to do it. I used a freezer paper stencil on the t-shirt. Trick or treating was really fun with Judah this year. At first he was kind of nervous to say "trick or treat" at each door, but once he realized he was being given candy, he really got excited. He also loved passing out candy once we got back to the house. All in all it was a very fun night!




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