Studio Tour.

As part of my birthday present, Jeff and his parents together got us tickets to tour Warner Brothers Studios. Ever since we moved out here, I wanted to do a studio tour because the guide books say that you should. I didn't realize how much I would really enjoy it.

One of the highlights was that I got to check an item off my imaginary bucket list and visit the fictional town of Stars Hollow, CT, from one of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. Here is the gazebo from the town square, slightly repainted now that another show is filming on this set.


Here is Dosie's Market, where Rory had her first kiss. Another show (called Heart of Dixie) now films here, so the signage is all different. I'm standing in front of Luke's Diner (!!) and even got to peek inside.


In addition to Gilmore Girls, a few other famous shows filmed here including: ER - this is the El stop that was located right by the hospital where so many of the scenes were filmed. And they still have the Central Perk set from Friends, and we even got to sit on the couch.
Lots of movies were filmed here and there were lots of famous costumes and props we got to see. Here is the batmobile. Sadly, we weren't allowed to take pictures of one of the other highlights - the studio museum where they had tons of costumes from famous movies and TV shows - like batman, smallville, Big Bang Theory, and a whole floor of Harry Potter costumes and props.

Jeff and I also had our first celebrity sighting at the studio when "Leonard" from The Big Bang theory drove up to his studio. Although this is definitely one of the most expensive things we've done since moving here, we both had a great time!
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