I grew up with 3 brothers, so I thought I understood boys. Two of my brothers are younger and I have vivid memories of them being toddlers, so I especially thought I understood toddler boys. (One of my brothers even stabbed me in the head with a fork when he was 3 or so - so my knowledge is of the boy-est boys around.)

What I didn't realize is how many different ways boys can find to do things that they shouldn't do - things that you could never imagine ahead of time. A few cases-in-point:

1. Judah came out of the bathroom yesterday holding one of the tiny white buttons that are on the top row of the laptop - I think it was the F2 button.
"Here, Mama, I got this out of the potty."
After immediately telling him to wash his hands AND that we NEVER reach into the potty, I tried to investigate how said key got into the potty. Although Judah acted clueless, I'm fairly certain he first dropped the key into the potty and then picked it back out again.

2. Jeff went into Judah's room the other night because he was being a too loud before falling asleep. He noticed that there was a pillow that was really wet as well as a large wet spot on the carpet. And that Judah's cup of water beside his bed was empty. Jeff asked Judah what happened and after a few (wrong) guesses, [we are working on truth-telling these days and his first guess was that maybe Naomi did it. Nice try, pal, but your sister is in bed and isn't tall enough to reach it] he finally fessed up.

"Daddy, I was waterfallin'"
Which might be my favorite Judah verb yet.


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