Our Lemon tree.

As you may recall, the decision to move to California was not really an easy one. The thought of being so far from family, friends, and familiar territory was occasionally overwhelming. But as soon as we decided to come and started looking at housing, I had this sort of secret prayer. I knew that we would definitely be moving somewhere smaller since housing prices were significantly higher. I was hoping to rent a house and I prayed that it would have a citrus tree in the yard.

I know it is sort of a silly thing, but since I felt like we were giving up so many things to come here - a big yard with a garden, a job I loved, closeness to family, a citrus tree, something not possible to have in SC, seemed like a small thing to ask for in return. I had visions of being able to pick the fruit and make citrus-flavored desserts and have fresh lemon slices to put in our tea.

As we started looking though, it became quickly apparent that renting a house was not going to be in the budget. I made peace with renting a condo and having even less yard, and quickly saw my dreams of fresh lemons or limes float away. And it was okay.

The day after we moved in here, I took the dog on a walk, feeling lonely and a little overwhelmed from the piles of boxes. When I got back to the house and walked into our garage, something yellow caught my eye. There, hanging in a tree right by our little patio, was a lemon.

I honestly could not believe it. God had heard that tiny, silly little prayer in my heart and answered it. In the midst of my loneliness, that yellow orb was a reminder that God was with me and had lead us here and would bless our decision.
I was immediately encouraged and felt a little less lonely. I know that there will still be hard days and lonely days. But God was reminding me that I can take all of that to him. Looking at my children is a constant reminder that God answers big prayers. And now every time I pull out of the driveway or go on a walk I am reminded that he can handle all the small things, too.


Sue Tell said…
Praise God for citrus trees and beautiful pictures of Naomi as well.

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