LA Update

So here is what we've been doing lately:
 We had our 9th Anniversary last week and a friend from church babysat so we could go on a date. We went to dinner and drove around downtown LA:
(That's a blood orange margarita you see there! Mmm!)
(We managed to accidentally drive by the ESPN studio where the Espy's were going on. That sure has never happened in Greenwood! You can't really see it in this photo, but on the other side of those barricades was a red carpet.)

Over the weekend we did a few LA things, including driving on Mulholland drive (pretty and curvy, with good views of downtown)
And also Rodeo drive (lots of expensive stores) and Sunset Drive (classic LA). We also checked out a very cool playground in Griffith Park that Judah loved so much he has been begging to go back. Today we actually made it back there.
Then we headed to the La Brea Tar Pits, which are interesting to see, a little smelly, and also a bit creepy. Here is the model of the wooly mammoth drowning in tar while her baby and mate look on:
We will definitely head back there, though, because we didn't go into the museum this time but still want to check it out. I think during the week you can also see the paleontologists actually digging up fossils.

And here is proof that Naomi is suddenly a rather quick scooter, as evidenced by this photo I snapped after leaving her alone for a minute while I tried to get the breakfast dishes put away:
I'm thinking I need to do a little more mopping in that bathroom if she's going to be crawling around like that...


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