Road Trip bookends.

Here we are, at the beginning and end of the road trip.

Total miles: ~3000
Total days: 19
Number of States driven through: 12
Number of license plates seen: 48 (Darn you, Hawaii and Delaware!)
Number of national parks visited: 1
Number of forest fires evacuated from: 1 (Though we were actually evacuated twice by the same fire.)
Number of questions asked by a certain three-year-old: ~1,000,000

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Ed Eubanks said…
We saw a Hawaii plate on our trip — ironically, it was on the interstate coming through Tucson, when we were almost home.

I’m glad you had a good trip! A friend wants to visit your church — it’s New Life Burbank, right?
Aubrey said…
Ed - we figured our best shot was probably in the LA area, though I still haven't seen one. Maybe we should have driven around the USC or UCLA campus to try and spot one there.

Our church is NewLife Burbank - we always love guests!

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