What we've been up to...

I've been on a few runs here and am trying to nail down a standard route to do. I was able to catch this vista from my run yesterday. It is crazy to me that I can run a short ways and see this.
We have unpacked almost every box and are now hanging more things up. Judah's room is probably the most finished. I'm really pleased with how it looks. All we lack are curtains. He now has two windows, and I don't think the other curtain I made will fit either one. Even if it did, I don't have enough of those fabrics to make another one, so I guess it's new curtains for Judah at some point.
We got to watch an awesome fireworks show from our front yard. It was actually kind of crazy to me that I could look across the valley and see several other fireworks shows at the same time. It seemed like our entire neighborhood was camped out to watch them. I haven't met many of our neighbors yet, so it was good to see how many kids are here.
Lots of pool time. I'm hoping to get Judah some swim lessons very soon.
My parents arrived today to Judah's great delight and Jeff's parents will get here Saturday. This is a big weekend for us with both Jeff's ordination and Naomi's baptism going on. We have a lot to look forward to.


Sue Tell said…
And we can't wait to join you!

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