What I've been working on....

I haven't been working this week, except at home. A little glimpse of what I've been doing...

I finally got Judah's room painted and ready for him to move in!

 Overall he's done very well with the adjustment. He and I had a very serious heart to heart about how he was not allowed to get out of his bed until I came and got him and for the most part he has been very obedient. The biggest reason I'm so paranoid is that the bedroom is right at the top of our very steep wooden steps and I don't want to wake up to the sound of him tumbling down in the middle of the night.

As a reminder, here is a fairly recent photo of what the sewing room used to look like.

And now...
I was totally going to buy a curtain. I looked around and even found one that would have been ok at Lowe's. Then I checked out my fabric stash and realized I had enough to make something. So I quickly sewed up this one, which took about 1 Judah nap and didn't cost anything. Score.
I also wanted to try to use up some of the scraps leftover from his quilt, so I made some pillow tops that I still have to finish into pillows. These will go on the smaller bed frame which is going to be a combo train table/reading nook. (There is still a lot of work to do on this, which is why I don't have a photo of it.)
I also had an extra strip from the quilt because I made it too big. I took that and turned it into a pillow sham. It should fit a king size pillow, but I haven't had time to go and buy one.
Obviously, the walls in the room are still very bare and I'm starting to decide what I want to hang. All ideas are appreciated. I know I'd like to get some kind of alphabet poster and maybe something map related. Yesterday I found this awesome paper mache animal head tutorial that I think would be really fun, but I'm not sure I could scuplt something that actually looked like an animal head.


Jessi said…
This is kind of late, but if you're still looking for artwork, I really like Berkley Illustration on Etsy.
Kind of silly, but cute. I almost bought "Strelka the Space Dog" for Walter's room, but then he moved in with Edda.

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