A few things.

1. Someone asked me today how much longer I had until the due date. The answer was 3.5 weeks. Yikes!

2. I'm officially anemic. My hemoglobin was checked about 2 months ago and was normal then, but has trickled down a little lower. I will say that I had my suspicions since my ice crunching compulsion had gotten a little out of control recently. (A common phenomenon during anemia called Pica.) My other weird pica-like symptom is that I'm obsessed with the scent of my laundry detergent, Gain. I don't want to eat the laundry detergent (though it does make my mouth water a little) - I just want to smell it all the time. I may have purchased Gain-scented Mr. Clean to use to mop my floors so that my entire house could smell like it. Maybe. Hopefully with an iron supplement and an increase in red meat intake it will improve before baby comes.

3. We just got back from 4 wonderful days spent on Seabrook Island with my family for Thanksgiving. It was awesome. I was wishing that I was a little less pregnant so I could take advantage of all the awesome trails for biking and running. As it was, I settled for a few good walks and some time in the hot tub and an indecent amount of eating my mom's delicious cheese ball.

4. Judah LOVED seeing all his aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course his Nana and Papa. I love watching them all play with him and seeing his good giggles and laughs at their silly antics. He is a boy blessed by so many who love him.

5. We took our dog to PetCo and got her groomed just before we left as some friends were going to watch her. It is amazing how much better she smells. Jeff and I were both a little bummed that they trimmed her long ear hair. We didn't realize how much we liked it until it was gone. She looks much neater now, but we will miss the long ear hair.


Scooper said…
Hopefully this comment will post! I've tried to comment several times recently but the word verification doesn't like me.

Can't believe you only have a few weeks left! Wishing you a safe, healthy, restful, Gain-smelling season. : )
reddchurch said…
i have pica too! the ice is a sign every time! BUT i did not know smells were a part of it! i have really been obsessing over just any cleaning smells! too funny! praying for healthy baby and smooth delivery!

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