A few Judah anecdotes.

1. I realized I hadn't cleaned the bathtub upstairs in a while the other night. I started to give Judah a bath and he was very upset because there was dirt or leaves or what have you floating in the tub. He refused to continue with his bath until I had drained the water and cleaned the tub. Apparently someone is rather picky about the cleanliness of his bathtub.

2. Whenever he drops something or trips, he always says he "almost dropped it" or he "almost fell down." If something is too big for him to pick up it is "almost too big." I guess the actual meaning of the word "almost" has escaped him.

3. And in what is hopefully the last time this happens... Judah was holding a marble on Friday and asking if we could go and play at Nana's house. (Nana has a very cool marble run that Judah loves.) I was making dinner and explaining that hopefully one day soon we can go and see Nana. A few minutes later, he comes back around the corner and is trying to put his whole hand in his mouth and saying "Get it out. Get marble back." The marble is, of course, no where in sight. Here is the rest of our conversation.

Me: Judah, did you put the marble in your mouth?
J: Very guilty look.
Me: Judah, where is the marble?
J: In my mummy (translation - in my tummy)

Seeing as how he was obviously fine, I couldn't stop laughing. He kept trying to reach in his mouth to get the marble back and I had to explain that we would have to wait for it to come out another way. Then I texted his doctor to make sure I didn't need to do anything else. We still haven't seen it yet, but maybe tomorrow it will make its appearance....


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