It is almost hard to believe this weekend has already come and gone. I'm sure that when Jeff graduated from seminary 10 years ago he had no idea it would take this long for this to happen. When we got married almost 9 years ago, I certainly had no idea it would take this long.

But God is good and never late. We celebrated a wonderful ordination service that both our parents came to as well as my Aunt Ruth Ellen. A former member of our church who is now an ordained pastor asked Jeff his ordination vows.


Jeff looked rather dashing in his suit.

I have always loved this part of the ordination service - where the other elders lay hands on the pastor and pray for him. This time, it made me cry. I am so thankful for this man I married and that he has been given this opportunity he has waited for such a long time.
Of course, the fact that his own father was one of the elders who was doing the praying made it even more special.
Jeff's dad also got to give Jeff the charge.

I was one proud wife today, seeing this dream and passion of Jeff's finally become a reality, in spite of several years of trials and disappointments. God is good.
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Ed Eubanks said…
Hooray! Congratulations to Jeff, AND to Aubrey. This is a milestone for everyone. I couldn’t be happier for you.
Sue Tell said…
And it makes me cry just re-living Sunday through your words Aubrey. What a gift to share this weekend with you.

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