Free LA: The Griffith Observatory

I know I've mentioned the Observatory before, but this is a great LA sight that is free, educational, and beautiful. It's located in Griffith Park, a huge park with tons of hiking trails, a golf course, the zoo, and various other fun things, which all probably deserve their own post.

The Observatory is a great destination all by itself, even if you don't have time for any of the other park activities.Firstly, you get great views both of the Hollywood Sign and downtown LA:


The inside has tons of cool astronomy exhibits about eclipses, tides, planets, and this very cool Tesla Coil, which they fire up every few minutes.
 Judah's favorite part is this huge pendulum that knocks over these little sticks to tell the time.
Although it's not open all the time, frequently they have huge telescope set up to look at something cool. When we went last summer, we got to see Venus.

Check it out!


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