6 months old.

My sweet one-half year old. (!!)

He is still an incredibly happy, smiling boy. He's really quite good at sitting now, and when he's laying down manages to move all around, in spite of not being able to crawl. Most days he takes 3 naps, and sleeps from about 8 pm to 5 or 6am, with a dream feed at 11. He loves tags, chewing on his teether when it's frozen, and will laugh if you play peek-a-boo with him. He keeps his tongue stuck out quite a bit, especially if he's full or tired. He's also ticklish, and I can get him really laughing if I tickle his ribs. Then he gets the hiccups. He's still not too interested in solids, although I keep offering them. Some days he's more into it than other days. He's tried apples, pears, and carrots. And rice cereal, but that made him puke. So we're going to avoid that for while and maybe just do oatmeal instead. When he gets upset, he often calms down if I sing to him. Before Judah was born, we decided that each of our kids would have their special hymn that we'd sing to them each night. Judah's hymn is "All for Jesus," a hymn I have loved ever since I first sung it at Covenant Seminary. We also sang it at our wedding. So for our bedtime routine, I'll read to him and then sing that hymn. It calms him right down.

I did his official 6 month old photos today, because last week was just too crazy. Which is also part of why he also hasn't had his 6-month well child check. I do have one shot of him on his actual half birthday. His great (in more ways that one) aunt Ruth Ellen came down for the afternoon. I was working, and Jeff had class and had to pick up his mom from the airport, so we needed someone to watch Judah.

She cheerfully obliged and so Judah got an excellent half birthday present in the form of meeting his aunt. We are so thankful she came all the way from California to be here for his baptism, and was willing to keep him for us for the afternoon. I really can't believe a half year has gone by so quickly. But I love being Judah's mommy and am so thankful that God blessed us with such a wonderful guy.


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