I love weddings.

The older I get, the more I love weddings.

Partly, I think I love to attend weddings and see how styles have changed in the years since I got married. I love seeing all the little details planned so carefully by the bride to make the day beautiful. I like seeing the dresses and flowers and decorations. I like eating cake.

I love weddings especially when they are between two good friends whom I've watched as they became friends then started flirting then dating then got engaged.

I love seeing old friends who have moved across the state or across the country and spending a whole weekend in a fun place just reconnecting with them.

I love weddings because I am always reminded of my own wedding, of walking down the aisle towards Jeff, surrounded by so many friends and family, promising to love him through good times and bad, and hearing him promise to love me back. I love that now when I go to weddings I have this tiny, actual person there to remind me of those promises of love.

I loved watching my groom during this wedding sitting in the grass next to his son, who was contentedly eating grass while the whole thing went down.


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