A few tidbits.

1. I've had several good discharge days in a row. That means our list at work has been much smaller, which makes me happy. Yesterday I even finished in time to make it to church. It also makes me happy that tomorrow is my last day of work for the month.

2. Judah has now decided that he actually likes eating solids. There was a pretty big change in the last week or so and now he actually seems to enjoy the solids. Our list of foods eaten includes: applesauce, pears, bananas, carrot, acorn squash, and today we tried some avocado. I think sweet potatoes are next. And then peaches. [As an aside, I'm mostly using "recipes" from my favorite food blog, smitten kitchen. Did you all know she has a separate side blog for baby food?? Because that's where I got the recipe for the vanilla balsamic pear sauce that both Judah and I love. Yummo.]

What are your favorite starter foods for babies?

3. You all are in trouble because I figured out how to get video from my phone to the blog. You might now be subjected to many more videos of my cute boy. For all those who are not grandmas or related to this boy, sorry.

4. Last night my best friend from grades k-3 (when she moved away) came to my house with her daughter. Something I suppose I should thank Facebook for. Her daughter is 3 months younger than Judah. It's amazing how right now 3 months makes Judah seems a LOT older.

5. I've started using my jogging stroller for jogging. (What an idea, no?) Now that Judah is bigger and his neck muscles can keep his head from bobbing all around I'm trying to get back into more regular running. I'm definitely much pokier pushing the stroller but I love that I can go running whenever and not have to leave Judah behind for Jeff to watch. If only I lived somewhere that had fewer hills....

6. I was on a sewing kick last week. I made 7 or 8 bibs, 2 nursing aprons, 3 pairs of shoes, a baby skirt and some onesies embellished with ruffles on the backside. Apparently I know lots of people having babies.

7. I've been really wanting to make doughnuts recently. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'd better do a little more running first.


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