Quick post.

Judah, Jeff's mom, and I all went up to VA this weekend for a wedding. A good time was had by all.

Judah turned one-half year old.

I became that mom this weekend. The one who brings her baby to a wedding when she's been told that it's for adults only. I don't feel very bad about it. I decided I was uncomfortable leaving him with someone I didn't know at a hotel a half hour from the wedding site. He didn't make a peep during the ceremony. He didn't eat any of the food. And we left before he got all fussy at his bedtime.

I got to see Judah meet his only great-grandma. He gave her his big, gummy grin. She loved it.

Judah really was quite the charmer. He's (for the most part) such a mellow baby that he let everyone hold him and just smiled at everyone. I was thankful we had the chance for him to meet a lot of Jeff's family. I have a bunch of photos to catch you up on.

Next weekend is his baptism, and so more family will be here then. If any of you blog readers can come, consider yourself invited. At Liberty Springs Presbyterian Church in Cross Hill, SC. 11 am. Lunch to follow.


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