Quick post, 2.

I forgot to mention!!!

I met Doug Wilson and his wife Nancy in the lobby of our hotel. Just as we arrived and I was trying to get all our stuff on the luggage cart and inside, I noticed a tall, bearded gentleman walking in, one I recognized. I walked over and accosted him by asking him if he was Doug Wilson. He told me he was and politely asked me my name. I mumbled something about how my husband and I are fans (which we mostly are) and that I read his blog. He introduced me to his wife, who was also very nice. I realized that I don't think that quickly on my feet, at least when it comes to meeting celebrities - or as close as we get to "celebrities" in reformed circles. I should have told them that we love his book about infant baptism and have loaned it to several friends who were on the fence about the issue. I think I read Reforming Marriage, which I enjoyed parts of, and occasionally I'll halfway understand something on his blog.

But it was fun to meet someone so famous!


Ken said…
Sorry it took so long to comment on this!

I met Mark Driscoll, only because Cheryl insisted and we prayed about it, and long ago I was able to give RC Sproul and his wife a ride to the airport. The big mistake was not talking more to his wife.
Nancy Wilson said…
Hi Aubrey,
Doug and I were so tired as we drug into that hotel....we had been up since the wee hours in Idaho and had missed a connection in Atlanta. You did surprise us in the lobby. Thanks for saying hi!

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