We baptized Judah today. It was a wonderful time. Jeff's parents came out; my parents were there too, along with my younger brother and Aunt. The pastor who did the baptism is a good friend who was at our church in Charleston and helped to mentor Jeff. We had a big church lunch afterward. I do have some thoughts about it and what it meant to me, but this has been a sort of tiring week and so for now I'll just post some cute photos of Judah and the looong christening gown he wore. (also worn by his grandma and great-grandpa). And the adorable sweater vest and button up shirt I had him in before and after.


RT said…
Congratulations! Beautiful photo of Judah at the top--he looks like he's posing for you there. So precious!

I loved reading your thoughts on baptism... I share them almost exactly. I was baptized in a river at age 10 after sharing my testimony. Like yours, it's an amazing memory to cherish. But here I am, all PCA-ed and everything, and baptizing babies is what we do. And I love it and find great joy and hope in the promise that God cared for my baby waaaay before I did.

Congrats again. Judah is such a joy.

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