I managed to come up with a pretty great costume idea this year, if I do say so myself. I don't ever get into halloween, mostly because I can never think of anything creative. When Christy said that her son was going to be a football for halloween, that got me thinking.... We're not as much a football family, but we sure do love baseball.

So without further ado, here is our adorable spitball! (With his daddy, the baseball player!)

I painted a onesie to look like a baseball, freehanding the stitches, but using freezer paper stencils to make the MLB logo that is on the front and the Wilson logo that is on the back. I love how it turned out. Jeff's costume came together well - we found this baseball jersey at my parent's house (from a team in Panama, I think) and I bought some baseball pants and socks.

Plus he's a spitball. I crack myself up sometimes.

Yes. That is me. As home plate. Hah.


Amy Smith said…
Hahaha! SO cute, I love it! Somehow I've gotten progressively worse about Halloween costumes as the boys have gotten older. Brighton is adamant about going as Yoda...Levi's 24mo costume. Ah well :)
reddchurch said…
love it! so creative
Carissa said…
LOVE IT!!! Judah's costume is hilarious. I'm sure he provided authentic spit for the costume too, if he is anything like Gemma!
Christy said…
LOVE! You win. :)
Elsa Meyer said…
I love the idea, and you did a great job with the costume!!
By far the cutest costume I have seen this season!!! You rock Aubrey!!!
CO mom said…
Not much of a football family ... you could have fooled me the Sat I was at your home this fall!

LOVE your creativity!!

And Judah does look soooooo big in the shopping cart.
Ken said…
Belated wow! And, glad to see Jeff's found a new team to root for besides the Cubbies--they're cute, but winning is attractive too.

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