Frustration - January Reflections 2011

I have decided that prayer is a dangerous thing. I used to pray to become patient. Then I waited for several long years to get pregnant. Since this summer, I have prayed for God's guidance as we look to our future. Then, just before Christmas, someone from our presbytery called Jeff to tell him that he had to stop preaching immediately. We had been in sort of a limbo where he was preaching, but not preaching every week, to try to abide by the rules set out in the book of church order. January second was his last sermon at our church.

On the one hand, this situation is very frustrating. I hate that Jeff is still waiting to be ordained after all this time. I hate that such a small thing (i.e. - Jeff's theological stance on what seems to us to be a minor issue) is standing in the way of our church having a pastor. On the other hand, though, I am somewhat relieved that God has given us the direction I was praying for. Obviously, when I prayed for guidance, I was hoping God would show us that he wanted us to stay here and fight. I wanted this situation to resolve easily and with the presbytery realizing it had made a mistake. As usual, his plans are different. We know now that God has another place where he'd like us to minister. We don't know where that place is; we only know that place is not here. As someone who is sometimes paralyzed by too many options, it is a bit comforting to have one option, no matter how appealing, off the table.

All I can say is that through this we have continued to see God's grace to us. After all he's brought us through in the past, we know his plan for our future will be wonderful.

(Incidentally, if anyone out there knows of pastoral jobs in the PCA/ARP/EPC, feel free to let us know!)

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Christy said…
Oh, wow. Nathan and I are praying for you guys. Thanks for being so honest.
Kathryn said…
I'm visiting your blog via January Reflections and am from a reformed church background. Thanks for sharing your heart and being so open. Do you mind if I ask what the questionable issue is that is keeping your husband from being ordained?
Kathryn said…
I ask this question because I do know of two churches (OPC and PCA) that are currently vacant (one in CO the other in NC)

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