January Reflections 2011 - Reading

Some recent favorites:

1. Kate Morton - Her books have a wistfulness about them that I found I really loved. The Forgotten Garden I really loved, The House at Riverton I enjoyed but less so, and The distant hours is on my short list of things I want to read soon.

2. Geraldine Brooks - The Year of Wonder might be the best book I read this year. The People of the book was a fascinating historical novel telling the story of a single book, and I also loved it. I'm excited about reading March, because it's the story of what happened to Mr. March, the away-at-war father in Little Women.

3. Wendell Berry - I have Jeff to thank for my love of Wendell Berry. He had read him before we got married and I hadn't even heard of him. I got started with The Memory of Old Jack several years ago, and have slowly been working my way through. Most recently I read Andy Catlett and Fidelity, which were both incredible. I think if I had to pick a favorite, I'd pick Hannah Coulter or Jayber Crow. He writes books that feel Christian, even though you wouldn't know it.

4. Frederick Buechner - I have Dave, Jeff's brother, to thank for my love of Buechner. (He also told me about The Brothers K, which is on my short list for best book I've ever read, so thanks, Dave.) I also had never heard of him until Dave said that he was one of his favorite authors. He's a pastor, but also writes these incredible novels and non fiction. I just finished Son of Laughter, which I'd call Jacob's autobiography. I wish there were more authors who are believers who could write like him. A Room Called Remember is a book of essays and memoir that I loved so much I could only read it in short chunks because there was so much I wanted to savor.

5. Sherlock Holmes - I got all of the Sherlock Holmes books in a very inexpensive bundle on the kindle. I don't know why I was so surprised by how much I am enjoying them. A very fun read.

Currently reading: The Book Thief, which is great so far.

What should I put on our kindle next?


K said…
I adore Wendall Berry. I read those stories over and again, and never grow tired of the prose.
I read Brothers K, but not any of the other works. When I'm near a library again, more Buechner will be on my list!
Carissa said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE KATE MORTON!!!! The Distant Hours was fantastic!
Kathryn said…
Oooh! So excited to see a whole handful of books that I've never read! I tend to get into these book reading rutts, thanks for some new ideas. :)

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