January Reflections 2011

I am blessed beyond measure. My favorite moment this year is one that is replayed every night.

His pajama-covered feet dangle down nearly to my belly button. His head rests on my shoulder. Two small arms hang down loosely, one falling over my arm. His whole weight just rests on me. On my shoulder, my arm, and against my chest. I can feel the whole of him, this child that I waited so long for. He is sleeping. Peaceful. Content. Relaxed. His belly has just been filled with mama's warm milk while I sit in the near dark of his room. We sit in the chair for a minute rocking while I smell his hair and praise God who sent him to me. I stand up to walk to his crib and sometimes he burps. I snuggle my cheek against the back of his head and enjoy the weight of him before slowly and gently laying him back down.

My heart feels full.

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Corrin said…
Just beautiful.
Kathryn said…
You so beautifully described one of my favorite moments too. If only they could just stay little!
RT said…
Yes and amen. Praise God for this sweet boy!

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