9 months

This post is a week late. The main reason it's late is because I accidentally scratched Judah's forehead the other day like a mean, mean mommie. I didn't want a 9 month photo where he has a scratched forehead that I gave him. So here he is, forehead scratch all healed:

He's gotten to be quite the scooter and can pull himself up with a little bit of help. He is very close to cruising around our coffee table. Actually tonight he cruised along about a foot by himself, very, very slowly. He has a few favorite games, mainly one we like to call "door" and another we call "blocks."

I just started feeding him cottage cheese, which is easily his new favorite food. He still doesn't really talk at all, but definitely lets us know if he is unhappy. Since he is fast to smile and laugh, he also lets us know when he is happy. Stranger anxiety is really starting to kick in and he mostly wants to be held by his mommy or daddy.

He hasn't had his 9 month check up yet, so I'm very curious to see how much he weighs.

I can't believe it's been 9 months! His birthday will be here before we know it.


Oh my goodness! He is beautiful, Aubrey. And 9 months already? It seem like just last week when he was born.

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