One of Corrin's prompts for earlier in the month was about sleep and ways to improve sleep and finding out what the Bible says about sleep.

Instead of doing that exactly, I thought I'd share what I tell patients about good sleep habits.

1. No TV in the bedroom. Never. Ever. Ever. This is my #1 pet peeve. Especially for kids. Electronics are too activating to allow someone to have good sleep. I've had numerous people swear that they need to noise or whatever, but I do not buy it. Take the TV out.

2. Exercise. Daily exercise (though not too late in the evening) is one of the best ways to have better sleep.

3. Make sure your bedroom is comfortable - not too hot or cold and a relaxing environment. Quiet and Dark are also necessary.

4. The bed should only be used for sleep. Or something else that married people do. But don't work on the laptop there, get your bills paid, or anything else. You want your brain to associate the bed with sleep. Not with worrying about the mortgage.

5. Do an activity in the evening to wind down. I always read before bed to help me get sleepy. Personally, when I'm doing a lot of sewing in the evening I really have a hard time going to bed. For whatever reason, sewing is very activating and I have to sort of "cool down" before I'm tired after sewing.

6. I'm not necessarily opposed to the family bed if that is what works for your family, but I have a hard time believing that a parent can sleep well with lots of other little ones in the bed with them. Furthermore, children need to learn to fall asleep on their own at some point.

7. If you find you are not sleeping well, stop all caffeine at noon or shortly thereafter.

So there's my sleep advice. Even though this is being posted at 6pm, I'm actually writing it at 9:30. Since I like following my own advice, I'm off to start getting ready for bed myself. I hope everyone sleeps well tonight!


Kathryn said…
Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I think it's such a common occurence to struggle with sleeping soundly (or falling asleep). You'd think (!!!!!!!!) that it would be common sense to practice the things you mentioned, but I so often forget!
Totallyscrappy said…
I haven't blogged in just about forever, but for some reason I was thinking about you today. Imagine my surprise when I logged on and you have a sweet son! Congratulations!

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