I'm back at work this week, so the bits of my day that are leftover from work only give me enough time to write in snippets. The bits of brain power leftover from work also only give me enough coherent thought to write in snippets. Thus we have some snippets.

1. Walmart has a generic brand version of crystal light that is in the flavor of cherry limeade. It is AWESOME and tastes just like a cherry limeade from sonic. Especially when you mix in some fresca or diet sprite.

2. The worst part of my job is putting in the bills at the end of the day. I'm actually currently sitting at my computer at home, with our billing system pulled up. I haven't put in any bills since I started on Friday and I'm dreading it. And procrastinating.

3. Anyone in the medical profession will probably understand this. Although you might not guess it, a patient's list of medications to which they are allergic can actually tell you a LOT of information. Well, mostly it can tell you about your patient's level of crazy. For instance, if a person is "allergic" to every type of non-narcotic pain medicine and can only take the very, very strong IV narcotics, you might come to understand that they likely have some issues with addiction. I do not think it is actually possible to be allergic to prednisone. Or benadryl. If either of those is in an allergy list, I am immediately more suspicious. More than two psychotropic medications listed in a patient's allergies? That tells me two things: 1. This patient was prescribed the medications listed 2. The medications didn't work, so whatever their psychiatric issue was it was hard to control.

4. Jeff and I were given a Kindle for Christmas. I LOVE it. There are tons of free or very cheap books you can get, especially classics. It's great to use at the gym or while I'm drying my hair since I don't have to hold the pages open. I've really been enjoying reading Sherlock Holmes, and also just finished Little Women. I tried to read it once in high school but found it boring. I'm not sure what my problem was then because I really, really enjoyed it this time.

5. On a serious note, please pray for Joanne. She is only 38 and just had a stroke. Her mom hosted a wedding shower for me in Colorado and is a good friend of my mother-in-law's. She is not doing well right now and needs our prayers. She has two daughters and a husband who need her.


Sue Tell said…
Thank you for recruiting prayer for Joanne. Right now she is in a VERY deep medically induced coma ... NO brain activity at all - to control the ICP (brain pressure) and it seems to be working. The coma is expected to last for the rest of the week.

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